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Mastering the AWP in Counter-Strike Source 2: Comprehensive Guide to Sniper Gameplay

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CS2 (CS:GO) is famous for its vast number of hidden features. Some you can learn only with experience, while others can borrow from pro players. Most players use their accumulated tips and moves, but there are some basic features that every sniper in CS2 (CS:GO) should know. In this article, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of AWP, how to use it effectively, and other valuable features of this device.

What Does AWP Stand for in CS2 (CS:GO)?

AWP is one of the four sniper rifles featured in CS. Each mag has 5 rounds and 30 in reserve. The in-game cost of the weapon is $4750. Available for purchase by both sides. One of the most popular and hard-to-master weapons in CS2 (CS:GO).

For such impressive performance characteristics, this weapon has to pay with mobility, especially in the zoom, high price, low rate of fire, and the lowest kill reward, only $100. Once we figured out the cons, now with regards to the pros.

What are the Advantages of Using AWP in CS2 (CS:GO)

Throughout the history of CS, probably not a single weapon has been subjected to so many fixes as AWP did. The speed of movement with the device, the movement speed in the zoom, and the number of ammo in the magazine reduced, but despite all the nerfs, it is still usable both on the pro stage and in matchmaking.

With all the nerfs, one thing remained the same, and this is the main reason why players love the AWP, its damage.

High Damage Output

This weapon deals the most damage among all weapons, and only Zeus x27 does more. Headshots with this gun deal from 448 to 460 damage, and with its penetrating ability, only a miracle can save the target from death.

With a direct hit in the body or arms, you can get from 112 to 143 damage. In that case, you have a chance to survive if you are standing behind cover. The only place where this weapon deals non-lethal damage is the legs, only 85 HP.

As you already understand, AWP has no problems with firepower. The main task is to land a shot.

One-Shot Kill Potential

As we said earlier, in most cases, a direct hit from the AWP is lethal. This particular feature allows you to earn a numerical advantage even in the first seconds of the round. One accurate shot and your team already overwhelms the enemy in firepower.

All you need as a sniper is to hold the right position and hit the enemy, which with the accuracy of the AWP will not be difficult.

Long-Range Accuracy

If in the past you played such shooters as PUBG or Battlefield, then most likely the first thing that caught your eye was the complete absence of any ballistics in the game. The bullet lands precisely in the center of the crosshair at any distance.

Long-Range Accuracy

In CS2 (CS:GO), you don’t need to take a firing lead or aim higher with range. Aim directly at the enemy model. Moreover, the AWP does not lose either accuracy or its one-shot ability at a long distance. AWP is much more accurate than other types of weapons, and this advantage is worth using predominantly at long distances.

Now let’s move on to more detailed and game moments with this device.

AWP-Specific Tips & Tricks

Since the three best CS2 (CS:GO) players in the world at the moment are snipers, it becomes evident that this role should make a tremendous impact in the match. Each AWPer should have his personally developed tips and tricks.

In this section, we will analyze what game aspects you need to develop to achieve maximum efficiency when playing with AWP.

Game Sense & Map Awareness

Game sense is a thing that comes with experience. To make the right decision, you have to learn from your mistakes. AWPers have to be specifically attentive to the situation on the map and act depending on it. You have to feel when you need to rotate or vice versa, patiently wait for your target.

At each skill level, people play differently, but a good sniper must know where and when to expect the enemy. You must think ahead about your actions in various situations on the map, for example, which position to go to if enemies have smoked the previous one

Movement & Positioning

On each map, there are standard positions in which snipers play in most cases. Window on Mirage, outside on Nuke, top mid on Dust 2, ramp А on Vertigo, long on Overpass, and others are the default AWPer positions. Play more unexpectedly and try to surprise your opponent.

AWPers must know how to implement their device, regardless of whether they play as an attack or defense. In buy rounds, play more brazenly and aggressively as the attacking side. Try to find an early minus based on the spawn location. For example, kill a careless CT guy who is trying to cross through to the stairs or control the connector on the Mirage at the beginning of the round.

Movement & Positioning with AWP
AWP Movement & Positioning

In force-buy rounds, you should not buy AWP for an attack. Remember, the team’s economy is always a priority. But still, there are cases when you manage to save the AWP in the next round. In such circumstances, also try to play as aggressively as possible and preferably paired with a teammate. In case you fail, your ally will be able to continue playing with the device or save it for the next round.

For defense, a sniper, with a default in buy rounds, should play calmly and minimize the enemy’s chances of an entry frag against you. You must take space from the enemy by occupying and controlling important areas on the map. If the enemy is active in your zone, try to inflict as much damage as possible on him. Ideally, this is one unanswered frag.

You shouldn’t re-peek from the same spot because the enemies already know where you are, and their AWPer can control your position. You made a minus, collected information, and chose an advantage in the round. Change position or ask an ally to help you with a flash, and only after you may peek again.

AWP Team Play & Economy
Team Play & Economy with AWP

Playing aggressively for defense is also possible, but you need to understand when and how to do it. Pushing some part of the map and making an entry or collecting info is the main task of snipers during force-buy rounds. You can also play as a point guard, but it’s better to discuss it with the team.

Team Play & Economy

No matter how cool you play with the AWP, CS2 (CS:GO) is a team game. Any action is worth discussing, whether it’s a rotation or a plan for the round. Do not be afraid to communicate and, for example, ask a mate to boost you. The better your communication with the team, the more clearly you understand the situation on the map, and accordingly, you make a decision faster.

Keep track of the economic component of your team. An AWPer would have to accumulate around $7000 to make a full buy with all the grenades. You should be able to read how many rounds you need to play to buy an AWP in any certain case. Depending on this, you can call the eco round or force buy to the team. The better equipment your teammates have, the greater firepower of the team, and the easier the situation on the map.

Training & Aiming Techniques

Shooting training is a very important part of the AWP game. To hit with sniper rifles, you need to practice. After all, with an increase in your level of play, opponents become stronger, which means it will be harder to hit them.

Shooting training with AWP should start with the classics, namely flicks and fast zooms in static. This exercise will help you feel better with and without zoom. We strongly recommend that you train not only horizontal flicks but also vertical, as well as try different distances. This type of training will be as close as possible to the game moments because each map has elevation changes.

Further, you can add movement to the current exercise or start training no-scopes. You can invent or complexify exercises as you like. The main thing is not to forget to train. After training, you can, just before the game, fix the acquired experience on the DM server.

what is AWP

In addition to all the above-listed aiming techniques, there is another interesting type – this is a flick with fine-tuning the sight. In stressful moments when you 100% need to hit, this is the perfect way to aim. Its essence lies in a quick flick toward the target, followed by a stop of the sight, precise micro-aiming at the target, and only then a shot.

Also, watch streams or records of pro-AWP players such as s1mple, ZywOo, sh1ro, and others. Notice and analyze their actions, memorize interesting tricks when playing with AWP, and try to repeat them in your games. That will help you progress much faster.

When Should You Buy AWP?

The time when you can afford to buy an AWP depends on the start of the game, i.e., the pistol rounds. Under the most favorable circumstances, you will be able to purchase a sniper device already in the second round of the match. But you should know that this is a mistake. In most cases, players buy AWP in the third or fifth round.

Try to get as many frags as possible with SMGs during anti-eco rounds, as they have the highest kill bonus of all weapons. That will allow you to save money faster for AWP. You can also ask your teammate to drop an AWP for you.

You should not buy an AWP without armor and grenades. Any HE grenade and a few bullets, and an expensive device is already in the opponent’s hands. You should also avoid buying more than two AWPs for the attack, as this is a huge risk for the command economy. On the defensive side, a setup with two AWPs is common practice, but the risk of losing the economy still remains.

And if you already mastered the AWP, you can check the coolest and most affordable AWP skins and play like a pro.

Wrapping Up!

Playing with AWPs is a complex process that you cannot learn in a couple of matches. You need to spend a lot of time mastering the game with this device through trial and error. Each AWPer must have excellent reaction time and game thinking.

Remember, no matter how wonderful you are at shooting – you still need to understand the map and learn the grenade setup. Our blog can help you with the solution. There you will find a lot of useful information, guides, and news from the world of CS.

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