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We're running daily, weekly and monthly giveaways for our Premium users (could be found on your personal Premium page). You join today's giveaways automatically when you refill balance on this day so this is your chance to win awesome skins by doing nothing!
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You can choose a personal background for you user page.
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Each Premium access level lets you open two more cases for free once a month.
Exclusive opportunity to win very best items! Save event tokens, use them on the wheel and get your prize!
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Free tokens
Premium Fortune Wheel tokens
Premium cases
Exclusive premium access cases
Best classic cases
Popular and time-tested CS:GO cases
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An enjoyable bonus to your next refill
A random skin
Your favorite CS:GO weapons' skins
Free balance
Balance to have even more fun
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silver cases

5 /month
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5 per month
Arsenal, Origin
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