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★ Gut Knife | Slaughter

★ Gut Knife | Slaughter
Exterior: Field-Tested
The most notable feature of a gut knife is the gut hook on the spine of the blade. Originally popularized as an aid for field dressing game, the gut hook is also effective at cutting through fibrous materials like rope, webbing, or safety belts with ease. It has been painted in a zebra-stripe pattern with aluminum and chrome paints with various reflectivities, and has then been covered with a tomato red candy coat. Valeria doesn't pay Javier to ask questions... she pays him to pry out answers
Covert Knife
Exterior Regular StatTrak™
Field-Tested 80.17 77.88
Minimal Wear 103.91 121.98
Factory New 116.51 154.15

★ Gut Knife | Slaughter contain in cases

Knives KnivesTemporarily unavailable 67.00 Supreme Case Supreme CaseTemporarily unavailable 7.00
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