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12 cases opened, 0 contracts signed , 0 complete items shards
Sold 0.06
SG 553 Atlas top1
SG 553
Atlas (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 0.06
XM1014 Quicksilver top1
Quicksilver (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.46
SG 553 Wave Spray top1
SG 553
Wave Spray (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 0.07
P2000 Oceanic top1
Oceanic (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 0.35
 Desert Eagle Bronze Deco top1
Desert Eagle
Bronze Deco (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.19
 Galil AR Rocket Pop case
Galil AR
Rocket Pop (Well-Worn)
Sold 2.22
SG 553 Cyrex case
SG 553
Cyrex (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.06
Glock-18 Wraiths case
Wraiths (Field-Tested)
Sold 2.08
 P250 Wingshot case
Wingshot (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.31
M249 Nebula Crusader case
Nebula Crusader (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 2.39
P90 Asiimov top1
Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 7.18
AK-47 Vulcan top1
Vulcan (Battle-Scarred)