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15 cases opened, 0 contracts signed , 0 complete items shards
Sold 0.33
Dual Berettas Royal Consorts case
Dual Berettas
Royal Consorts (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.91
R8 Revolver Amber Fade top1
R8 Revolver
Amber Fade (Factory New)
Sold 9.17
M4A1-S Hyper Beast top1
Hyper Beast (Well-Worn)
Sold 0.10
SG 553 Atlas top1
SG 553
Atlas (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.19
Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz top1
Dual Berettas
Cobalt Quartz (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.49
SG 553 Pulse top1
SG 553
Pulse (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 1.92
Desert Eagle Conspiracy top1
Desert Eagle
Conspiracy (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.76
AWP Pit Viper top1
Pit Viper (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 4.53
P2000 Fire Elemental top1
Fire Elemental (Well-Worn)
Sold 5.38
M4A1-S Hyper Beast top1
Hyper Beast (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 0.80
Tec-9 Re-Entry case
Re-Entry (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.36
P90 Module case
Module (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.30
Five-SeveN Retrobution case
Retrobution (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 2.68
USP-S Caiman case
Caiman (Field-Tested)
Sold 6.77
M4A1-S Hyper Beast top1
Hyper Beast (Well-Worn)