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14 cases opened, 0 contracts signed , 0 complete items shards
Accepted 67.76
★ Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh top1
★ Butterfly Knife
Safari Mesh (Well-Worn)
Sold 53.30
★ Bayonet Scorched top1
★ Bayonet
Scorched (Well-Worn)
Accepted 74.61
★  Bowie Knife Safari Mesh top1
★ Bowie Knife
Safari Mesh (Well-Worn)
Sold 91.91
★ M9 Bayonet Night top1
★ M9 Bayonet
Night (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.10
SG 553 Atlas top1
SG 553
Atlas (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.11
Galil AR Rocket Pop top1
Galil AR
Rocket Pop (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.37
P90 Module top1
Module (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.03
UMP-45 Corporal top1
Corporal (Well-Worn)
Sold 0.52
 Desert Eagle Bronze Deco top1
Desert Eagle
Bronze Deco (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.15
USP-S Torque top1
Torque (Field-Tested)
Sold 1.99
M4A4 Desert-Strike top1
Desert-Strike (Well-Worn)
Accepted 33.34
M4A1-S Chantico's Fire top1
Chantico's Fire (Minimal Wear)
Accepted 2.27
Sawed-Off The Kraken top1
The Kraken (Field-Tested)
Accepted 11.18
M4A1-S Cyrex top1
Cyrex (Factory New)