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  • cases opened 25
  • contracts signed: 0
  • complete items shards: 0
25 cases opened, 0 contracts signed , 0 complete items shards
Sold 0.19
Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz collection
Dual Berettas
Cobalt Quartz (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.17
MAG-7 Sonar top1
Sonar (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.10
Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons top1
Dual Berettas
Dualing Dragons (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 0.22
Sawed-Off Full Stop top1
Full Stop (Factory New)
Accepted 90.01
★  M9 Bayonet Forest DDPAT top1
★ M9 Bayonet
Forest DDPAT (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.10
Negev Desert-Strike case
Desert-Strike (Well-Worn)
Sold 0.23
 M249 System Lock case
System Lock (Field-Tested)
Sold 0.73
 MAG-7 Heat case
Heat (Field-Tested)
Sold 1.15
FAMAS Djinn case
Djinn (Battle-Scarred)
Accepted 55.79
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet top1
★ Gut Knife
Ultraviolet (Minimal Wear)
Sold 1.80
AWP Sun in Leo top1
Sun in Leo (Field-Tested)
Sold 1.26
AUG Chameleon top1
Chameleon (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 10.08
 Galil AR Eco case
Galil AR
Eco (Minimal Wear)
Sold 0.83
AWP Pit Viper top1
Pit Viper (Field-Tested)
Accepted 1.40
AUG Chameleon top1
Chameleon (Minimal Wear)
Sold 1.41
Galil AR Chatterbox top1
Galil AR
Chatterbox (Battle-Scarred)
Sold 55.79
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet top1
★ Gut Knife
Ultraviolet (Minimal Wear)
Sold 58.31
★ Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh top1
★ Butterfly Knife
Safari Mesh (Well-Worn)
Sold 86.09
★  Flip Knife Boreal Forest top1
★ Flip Knife
Boreal Forest (Minimal Wear)
Sold 77.00
★ Flip Knife Rust Coat top1
★ Flip Knife
Rust Coat (Well-Worn)
Sold 138.69
★  Huntsman Knife Scorched top1
★ Huntsman Knife
Scorched (Minimal Wear)
Accepted 65.26
★ Flip Knife Damascus Steel top1
★ Flip Knife
Damascus Steel (Minimal Wear)
Accepted 2.87
AWP Phobos top1
Phobos (Field-Tested)
Accepted 3.00
AWP Phobos top1
Phobos (Minimal Wear)
Accepted 59.24
★ Bayonet Boreal Forest top1
★ Bayonet
Boreal Forest (Well-Worn)