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★ Flip Knife | Stained

★ Flip Knife | Stained
Exterior: Battle-Scarred
Flip knives sport a Persian-style back-swept blade with an acute point. While the point itself may be fragile, the overall design of the flip knife's design is surprisingly durable. It has been given a forced patina using lemon and mustard dripped onto the surface. If you think it's messy now, wait until you see it under a blacklight
Covert Knife
Exterior Regular StatTrak™
Battle-Scarred 87.49 91.27
Well-Worn 86.88 76.59
Field-Tested 91.18 109.81
Minimal Wear 95.22 127.36
Factory New 104.49 180.20

★ Flip Knife | Stained contain in cases

Knives KnivesTemporarily unavailable 67.00 Panda Knife Panda KnifeTemporarily unavailable 99.00
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